Lifetime Warranty

Peace of Mind Comes Standard

Since 1974, Comprehensive has been manufacturing premium connectivity products for the Pro AV Market. If there is one thing the Pro’s require, it’s reliability. We understood that need out of the gate and so more than 40 years ago, Comprehensive introduced the very first Lifetime Warranty on cable products in the industry!

While many competitors have tried to copy Comprehensive and use a long warranty as a marketing slogan, that wouldn’t cut it at Comprehensive.

The Pro’s are installing critical systems at airports, schools, data centers, corporate buildings, sports arena’s, military installations and more. The cables the Pro’s use have to work…every cable, every time…and keep on working. Simply put, failure is not an option and the Pro’s cannot afford to have an entire system go down over a cable.

What does that mean to you? It means we put our money where our mouth is. The Comprehensive Lifetime Warranty means a lifetime of worry-free performance whether you are a professional installer or just enjoying the finals at home with your friends. On the rare occasion when there is an issue, you can count on Comprehensive to take care of it on the spot. After all, Comprehensive is the only connectivity company in the world with over 40 years of experience providing premium customer service and support in a “mission critical” environment. If you have an issue, please call Customer Service Toll Free at 800-526-0242.

So when you see Comprehensive’s Lifetime Warranty claim, you can rest assured you are choosing a tested and trusted brand that will last a lifetime.

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