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1x2 SVGA Splitter Comprehensive,Distribution Amplifiers ,CDA-VGA20C,Distribution Amplifiers,CDAVGA20C
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    Item #: CDA-VGA20C - The CDA-VGA20C allows a single SVGA source to be displayed on two monitors simultaneously. Video Splitters are designed to duplicate and amplify PC video signals for transmission to multiple monitors. The CDA-VGA20C provides a fast, flexible solution
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    Comprehensive 1 PC to 4 High Resolution VGA Distribution Amplifier
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      Item #: CDA-VGA104HD - The Comprehensive CDA-VGA104HD is a low cost high resolution 1x4 distribution amplifier that supports VGA,SVGA,XGA, and Multi Sync Monitors, with a transmission range of up to 50 meters. The distribution amp supports a 400Mhz bandwidth and are daisy c
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