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HDMI Re-invented For Professional Use
No Other Cable Even Comes Close.

HDMI is a fantastic technology, but it was obvious early on that the inherent design of HDMI cables were lacking in core features needed for systems integration, SMB, government and other demanding B2B applications. Features like connectors that stay connected, cable identification, and the kind of reliability you could bet your business on. So Comprehensive set out to re-invent the HDMI cable for professional use and the result is a game changer. Comprehensive's Pro AV/IT family of HDMI connectivity solutions which include Full Size, Microflex, CL2P Plenum and Active HDMI Solutions now give the AV/IT systems integrator exclusive features, performance and reliability that were previously un-imaginable.

B2B Commercial Grade
Never Send a Consumer Cable to do a Pro's Job.

HDMI may be a consumer technology but it's application in Pro AV/IT and B2B requires a much more capable and reliable cable than what you can buy on the internet or at retail stores. That's why our Pro AV/IT HDMI cables were designed from the ground up specifically for Pro AV/IT systems integrators and B2B applications with up to 50% more performance and durability than consumer cables. And that is just the beginning...

ProGrip® HDMI Connectors
Not too Loose, Not too Tight, Just Right.

The number one complaint about HDMI has been it's inability to stay connected. So, Comprehensive developed our exclusive ProGrip® HDMI connector which features up to 16lbs of retention force. Without actually locking, the ProGrip® connector fits very snuggly so the cable stays connected and prevents unwanted customer service calls from your clients.

Multiple Colors
for Easy Cable Identification
Why should Cat5 and Cat6 have all the fun?

Keeping track of all of your cables is a time consuming chore that slows you down and adds labor overhead to jobs. Now you can use the same easy color identification system you are used to from Cat5/6 with your Comprehensive HDMI cables.

SureLength® Cable Length Identification
Very Simple Yet Very Helpful.

Preparing cables and keeping track of cable lengths for jobs, your next presentation or rack build can be a frustrating and time consuming experience, especially when the packaging is long gone. Now you can tell the difference between the 25 and 35 footers for example with just a glance at the connector head.

Performance & Reliability
The Best of Both Worlds

Comprehensive Pro AV/IT cables provide all HDMI 2.0 has to offer including UltraHD 4K x 2K (2160p)resolution support, Ethernet, up to 32 channels of audio, 21:9 theatrical aspect ratio, Deep Color and much more! Pro AV/IT HDMI cables are also built to withstand the demanding environments of B2B applications including systems integration, corporate, healthcare, education, government, live event and other professional needs.

Lifetime Warranty
Comes Standard
We Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

Since 1974, Comprehensive has been making the most reliable and dependable Pro AV/IT cables on the planet for B2B customers. Period. We live up to that statement with each and every cable we manufacture. Like those that came before them, our Pro AV/IT HDMI cables are all covered under our Lifetime Warranty.